Branded footballs

Give sport as a gift with balls personalised with your logo

Gooooooooooool! Using footballs in your events to promote your brand, to give away promotional balls as a commercial action, to encourage sports and teamwork with your brand image, is... That's a hell of a score! Score the goal with your customers.

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Promotional footballs to organize your own World Cups

Football moves masses. There's no place in the world where you don't know the most media-friendly players. It is the king of the sport par excellence. Many films have been made about football exploits in very important historical contexts.

Football has so much audience, it is so universal, that it is a perfect reason for companies to use it as a means of promoting their brands. When a major tournament arrives, football-related spots flood the televisions, radios and newspapers. But not only do they advertise in the media, in supermarkets, petrol stations, shopping malls, we can find examples of companies that have taken advantage of the moment with an infallible and very affordable advertising tool: marketing with promotional products.

Send your brand away by kicking a football personalized with your logo

If you are going to look at the price of a good football in a shop you will see that an ordinary model can cost several tens of euros, and a ball identical to the one played in a World Cup, Eurocup, Champions League, can cost 120 euros or more. This may put you back in your desire to link your brand to football through an promotional football, but if I tell you that in RegaloEmpresas you can find balls printed with your logo for less than 10 euros, you'll surely be encouraged to start calculating how many promotional balls you can buy with your budget. We'll give you a hand with these numbers, because we have a lot of cheap custom footballs on which we can print your logo.

You just have to think about who are your most suitable customers to give them a ball as a promotional gift, to which customers you can spend 7 or 8 euros knowing for sure that you will recover that investment, getting your customer to value the detail you have had with it. It may seem like a high price per unit to you to be a corporate gift, but think that the ball will most likely end up being given to your customers' children - are you aware how good that is for you too? Giving happiness to a child is the greatest thing for a parent, and your branded football is in the way. A great merchandise campaign success.

Anyway, I recommend that you don't wait until there's a big football event coming up if you like the idea of giving away footballs personalized with your logo. Football is always in vogue, we have football competitions every day and when there is no football, the newspapers keep it in our minds with daily news about transfers.

Tell us what kind of campaign you want to do, your budget, the balls you prefer and don't forget to attach your logo. I'm convinced that your personalized footballs will be your rivals to beat.