Ideal personalised gifts for your company

Everything your clients know about your company is key as they largely depend on the appearance or vision that you as a brand may be showing in the market before your clients and before your competition. In general, people like receiving a present or gift a great deal and, more so, when they are promotional merchandise.

The delivery of personalised gifts at companies has become a great option to make possible the increase in recognition which the company has at a marketing level.

If you wish to thank your clients or users fidelity, delivering a personalised gifts will be without a doubt one of the best options for them and for your brand.

Where to acquire these personalised gifts for your company?

If you have ever thought of this marketing method and you are going to implement it, you first have to choose a company which can effectively satisfy your search requirements, knows the market and is like a department store for personalised gifts; that is, a company which can offer a wide range of products, marking techniques, delivery times, quality, prices and which knows the socioeconomic environment well and thus is able to manage customer service in the most efficient way, a company which makes a difference in the sector, in essence a company with professionalism.

We have specialized in personalised gifts, not only by having countless customizable items, but by knowing to maintain our relationships with our providers and associates, attending the annual sector’s fairs, learning the market, observing and analysing our own client’s demands. We like what we do and we like keeping up to date with what’s going on, how it happens, why it happens and maintaining a proactive attitude to anticipate the future needs which you will come to consult with us.

How do I know the ideal personalised gift for my clients?

If you’re a bit lost in your search for personalised gifts for your clients, we offer you everything you need from start to finish. To that end you have to keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Know your clients
    So that your personalised gift is a total success you have to know who your clients are; that is, if they are men or women, which are their preferences, ages and what kind of gifts they would like to have. You also have to consider what other promotional merchandise you have given in the past and what impact they had.
  • Originality
    When you have merchandising ideas the main thing is to have the most originality possible. A personalised gift will always be well received by your clients; but let us not fool ourselves: we know that the competition is broad, tough and is usually very heavy, so the promotional gift and the action itself must appeal with a surprise factor as well as the practicality of the object.
  • Provide a necessary gift
    As we mentioned in the first point, we must know who is receiving the gift. When organizing this type of marketing action, with its clear objective, its budget must be accompanied by time and dedication. Choose the necessary gift to satisfy and achieve the intended effect. Do it with affection. Above all you must choose the dates, for example, dates like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day are synonymous with gifts. An original gift like personalised T-shirts, personalised pillows with photos or personalised mugs are perfect gifts...
  • What kind of gifts can be personalised?
    The message is clear: all.

Here we suggest some which have been a success this year.

  • Spinner
    This anti-stress toy (maybe someone will feel like us, because it makes us more nervous) has become the most popular, among other things because it is easily fitted to any person. Turn it into a personalised gift and brighten the day of some capricious client.
  • Printed sweatshirts
    You may think that this is not innovative at all. You are right. But they still are a key product. Now we have started doing exercise, every company organizes outdoor group activities… they are perfect to give a corporate image. And it is true that they are always very useful. I would have my wardrobe full of sweatshirts. Sweatshirts for doing exercise, sweatshirts for staying at home, sweatshirts for going out, sweatshirts and more sweatshirts. We only need to look to the three more affordable fashion brands to see what is in this year: the sweatshirt. So get on the fashion bandwagon, get with the times, set the trend and include a sweatshirt among the promotional merchandise which will guarantee success. To whom is a sweatshirt not useful? To no one. Any person will receive it as a great personalised gift and for you it is an opportunity for your brand to be recognized anywhere.

Types of customization

To brand with your own logo, message or any other design the personalised gifts you have chosen we have ready the best workshops. Experts in the most conventional and the most avant-garde techniques. They will be able to point us the maximum marking areas and the most convenient technique for the material of the chosen product, as well as the production and delivery times. Not one detail escapes us.

  • Silk-screen printing
    One of the oldest and maybe one of the most requested still. The technique consists on making the transfer of the logo or image that we wish to place on the promotional gift by using a screen or mesh. For each of the colours which is needed, the addition of an additional screen is required. Screen printing is a rather wide method in regards of its application:

    Manual: in this case a specialized technician is the one in charge of doing the marking process of our personalised gift.

    Semi-automatic: the technician in this case is responsible of placing the object on the base and the machine does all the rest.

    Automatic: totally automated, it does not require help from an operator.

  • Embroidery

    The most elegant result. One of the most durable results. And also one of the least affordable techniques. You can be sure that your personalised gifts, obviously clothing like caps, T-shirts, sweaters, polo shirts, jackets, hats, backpacks, trousers, scarfs and gloves, will be very effective with this method. The embroidery confers an added value to everything.

    If you wish to have a budget for embroidery it is necessary that you send us the logo in vectorized format before, to let us calculate the number of stitches necessary and based on them along with the colours, size and the item requested a final prize will be established.

  • Pad printing
    In this case, through the pad printing technique we perform the engraving of your logo on small-sized items like lighters, pens, keychains and other accessories with the same specifications in terms of size.
  • Transfer
    If you intend to innovate (we do not exaggerate, we are not inventing the Tesla) and explore with other methods for engraving your gifts, then using this transfer technique allows you to make the design pattern on a paper to later place it on the cloth in which we wish to apply the branding. It is pretty common in cases of branded T-shirts, sweaters, personalised caps and other personalised gifts.
  • Laser
    Laser is another technique, which like embroidery, is lasting. Forever, more or less. More than a marriage. And it is also elegant and it takes the item a step up in the Personalised items social hierarchy. And we must add that it is a very affordable technique.
  • UV Printing
    It has nothing to do with tanning at the beach nor UVA rays. This method which has gained greater acceptance nowadays, has become the ideal mechanism to apply in the case of items which cannot be subjected to screen printing or laser. For this reason, this technique was developed and we have it for you. It can be used on glass, wood, pottery and many other accessories.
  • Thermal-printing
    To make personalised leather items it is not possible to use engraving techniques like screen printing or laser, on the contrary you must go for an option more suitable which despite not being all that new, is one of the most ideal methods when what you are looking for is an elegant design that fits the taste of your clients. The thermal-printing hot stamping which is much more cool, is a thermal transfer as the name implies. It is performed with a stamp which presses a thin layer and transfers the logo by way of heat at 100º - 300º.

Types of personalised gifts

We are very tiresome. We must be telling it ad nauseam: we have more than 8.000 promotional merchandise on the web (by the time you read this we may be reaching 11.000 items) and they are not only many, but they are the best because we are the one’s selling them. You can check with us whatever you want, be as tiresome as we are, and we will help you with whatever. When choosing a gift, a colour, a marking, we adapt to your budget and we will follow the order until it reaches its final destination. You do not need anything more than needing us.

We stand out and we want to continue standing out for offering personalised gifts you are unlikely to find anywhere else, and for also offering the ones provided by the competition but at a better price and with a nicer smile.

What are the advantages of a personalised gift?

It is without a doubt an investment, that is a worthwhile expense, from which you expect a return. The disbursement will be compensated when the client receives a reward for his loyalty. And not only that, the hardest thing nowadays is to get more clients. If you perform a commercial activity among potential buyers or users of your brand and you get at least one of them, it would have been worth it.

Satisfied, dedicated clients ready to become the best ambassadors for your brand must be ensured. So there is no doubt: giving a personalised and original gift is an absolute advantage.

The ideal personalised gift is the one which…

Is subtle advertising. Ensure it is useful, not shoddy and merely promotional.

Reminds. Try to gift something which is not given by your competition, stand out and seek an exclusive option.

Spreads. Try to choose a corporate gift with a suitable area for your brand.

Affordable and durable. Try to find an equilibrium between the cost and the durability. Spending little on something that is going to last less, is to throw the money away. Maybe it even gives a bad image.

Create the WoW effect. It is hard, yes. You try to squeeze your brain for the most creative thing in you and in the end you run into ideas others have had before. Damn! It is alright. Break from your routine, go through Pinterest, observe the world around you, calmly find inspiration… Something will emerge from your imagination and that will be what will assure the impact, the surprise effect.

This is our Top Selling personalised gifts

  • Promotional blankets
  • Personalised handbags
  • Board games
  • Personalised coasters
  • Mouse pad
  • Branded wine merchandise
  • Printed keychain
  • Personalised puzzles
  • Personalised teddy bears

What do I have to do to place an order?

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