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Martins Speaker. Metallic. Bluetooth Connection. USB Rechargeable

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The Martins Speaker is a high-tech promotional gift that can be personalized with your logo and given to your clients in your marketing campaigns.

  • Its Bluetooth 3.0 connection makes it easy to pair with mobile phones, tablets and other music players.
  • It also has a 3.5mm jack connection as an auxiliary input for playing music with a cable.
  • It has 3W of power, enough to listen to your favorite music.
  • It has a Mini-SD card input for up to 64Gb of capacity to play the MP3 music you have stored on it.
  • FM function for listening to the radio.
  • On/off switch, volume control, microphone for hands-free use and LED light for power and charging information.
  • Micro-USB connector for recharging the speaker battery. Mini USB cable included.
  • In its base it incorporates a rubber support to avoid that it slips when you leave it in a flat surface.
  • Spearker Martins is available in yellow, blue, white, orange, black, grey, red and green. All these colours are combined with black as a common colour for all models.
  • We can personalize this promotional speaker for you with any logo, whether it has simple colors or a full color design.

The Martins item 4936 is an excellent product to boost your brand awareness. Order today your speakers and let the music do the talking!

Does the speaker work without plugging in?

This mini speaker model is portable and does not require plugging in for operation while the battery is charging.

How long does the battery last?

The speaker's battery lasts approximately 3 hours. When the battery runs out, you can re-charge it with its own mini USB charging cable.

Can I answer calls through the Martins speaker?

Sure! With its hands-free microphone you can answer or reject any call while the speakerphone is in operation. So you can answer calls without having to turn the music off and on or pick up the phone again.

Is it compatible with my iPhone?

Both with iPhone and other phones, because the speakerphone is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. This is probably the most important requirement when buying a Bluetooth speakerphone. In this product, it is Bluetooth 3.0

Is it easy to pair the speakerphone with my Bluetooth phone?

No. Simply turn the speakerphone on, the Bluetooth mode will then be activated and you will see a small blue LED light. Now go to the handset or device you want to pair, turn on the Bluetooth if you haven't already, search for "4936" and pair them. You'll hear a little confirmation sound. Ready!

What's the range?

You can be up to 10 meters away.

Can I wire my player to this speaker?

Additionally, if your device has a 3.5 mm jack or a USB (or microUSB) connector, you can play content from a source that does not have a Bluetooth connection, such as an MP3, MP4 or iPod. This gift comes with its own 3.5mm auxiliary jack cable as well.

Can I listen to the radio with my Martins speaker?

You can too! The speaker has an FM radio function, which is the band in which most stations in Europe, America and other parts of the world are broadcast, so this speaker is ideal for touring the world.

How do I activate the radio?

You are directly in radio mode or FM mode when the power button is in the "MP3" position and the micro SD card is not inserted. Insert the mini USB cable into the corresponding port to function as an antenna, press the play button to scan the F-channels and press the play button again to set a station you want as your favorite. The fastforward and rewind buttons will help you move through the stations until you find the one you want.

Can the speaker get wet?

Unlike other models we stock, the Martins speaker is not splashproof, not waterproof. We can't guarantee its performance if it's been accidentally or deliberately submerged, so if you're looking for a portable speaker for the shower or water areas, we can help you with specific sound items. Remember to clean it with a dry cloth.
Product Dimensions 5 cm | Ø 5.9cm
Item Weight 195

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