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Count steps as you get your heart in shape

Count steps. It takes a lot of boredom and concentration to count steps. The pedometer is designed to do it for us. A very practical promotional product for the pro sportsmen, for the lovers of the walks. The pedometer will motivate you to continue; you can wear it all day, anytime. If you've taken 1,000 steps today, you'll want to take 1,100 tomorrow.

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A personalized pedometer to activate your customers

Sport is always in fashion, it is always a good excuse to prepare an advertising campaign with promotional gifts. There are many promotional merchadise to choose from. We have sports shirts, footballs, sports bags, sneakers, jumpers, badminton rackets, the options are endless. But today I want to highlight a small device that for our experience is in a very high position in the ranking of corporate gifts in the category of sport, the personalized pedometer.

Step by step building a strong promotional items advertising campaign with pedometers personalized with your logo.

Pedometers reached their peak a few years ago, with the boom in what was then known as "jogging". The fashion of running led to wanting to know exactly how far we had gone and how many calories we had consumed while running. We are now used to GPS mobiles, smart watches and sports applications to help us learn about our performance, but before we got this information from step-counter pedometers.

You may wonder how pedometers have survived today's mobile phones and sports wristbands and even have a place as promotional products. Well, the answer is quite simple: practicality and price. Promotional pedometers are very cheap, not everyone is willing to spend at least 50-60 for a smart watch. Besides, going for a run with your cell phone on doesn't appeal to everyone. It is true that there are bracelets to put the mobile phone on our arm, but there are people who find it uncomfortable. Not to mention the fact that having your mobile phone's GPS activated for a long time consumes a lot of battery power and is easily depleted during the session, which can be very frustrating.

However, putting a personalized pedometer clip on your waist and going for a run is a release. A pedometer is very light, weighs only a few grams, and you only need to press a button to start it up. We don't have to worry about running out of batteries, because their power consumption is very low.

What types of printed pedometers are available?

The different pedometers differ from each other mainly in their functions. In the catalogue of promotional pedometers branded with your logo, the basic models of the cheapest pedometers are those that only perform the function of counting steps and nothing else. From here, the tasks that the pedometer can perform increase, such as counting calories or FM radio to listen to music without having to carry another device while running.

When it comes to personalising pedometers, we realise that they also stand out as a perfect promotional gimmick. The printing area offered by pedometers is usually sufficient for most logos. Your printing will look great throughout the life of your own personalised pedometer.

Take a big step forward in your company's advertising promotions with personalized step-counting pedometers.

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