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The fountain pen, an exclusive executive gift

Fountain pens make the perfect business gift for writing lovers. A promotional item that has a stamp of particular elegance and is an excellent alternative as a gift to personalized pens

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Give your best customers personalized fountain pens with your logo

The first time I was given a fountain pen was at my First Communion. They soon saw my taste in writing, but they didn't realize that the fountain pens in the hands of a child were a danger because of the ink. Obviously it was my father who used it.

The truth is that a personalized fountain pen always brings a distinctive and elegant touch greater than a pen can give you. Therefore, it can be said that it is more directed as promotional merchandise towards those clients that you want to secure, out of the informality that a simple pen can have.

There are those who even leave the pen on the desk as if it were a decorative element. Because just seeing someone writing in pen seems to attract a little attention, doesn't it?

Personalizable fountain pens in various styles

Today's promotional fountain pens are by no means the same as before. The ink refill systems we can see today are safer and more sophisticated, to the point that a pen of this type can last virtually a lifetime. I wouldn't be surprised if they even managed to pass from generation to generation.

Today's designs and styles make us find cheap fountain pens and more exclusive ones. Everything will depend to a great extent on the type of corporate gift we want to make and to whom it would be directed.

In any case, any personalised fountain pen style will give you an elegant and differentiating touch. It is not the typical promotional product that is usually offered at a fair or congress, although there are also cheaper models that currently lend themselves to it.

A perfect and elegant giveaway item

A fountain pen is an product that is always carried around or at least is on the desk table. For advertising purposes, this will give you a more than interesting degree of visibility.

In addition, it is necessary to point out the image that projects a personalized gift like this one. A fountain pen is a piece that provides distinction, class and good taste. You can use a fountain pen at a business dinner, at a business meeting, in an interview or even when signing a contract.

Imagine that in all of the above situations you only have an informal pen with a slightly gnawed cap. The image you were going to leave is not the most suitable for these cases, the truth. However, a promotional fountain pen will give you a totally different sensation.

In short, if it's a bit about making a difference with a branded merchandise, here's the solution. Elegance, quality, difference and originality are some of the aspects that a fountain pen can offer you as a corporate gift. You are sure to find the piece that best suits your customers.

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