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Reasons why you should consider switching from pencil to personalizable mechanical pencil

The elegance of the mechanical pencils compared to conventional pencils makes it an option to consider when deciding between one and the other as promotional product. Take advantage of the printed mechanical pencils that we offer to give a different touch to your next marketing campaign

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Think of a promotional mechanical pencil, you'll love having one in your hands personalized with your logo.

I'm better at Minesweeper. But on second thought, that has nothing to do with it now. Let's focus better on personalised mechanical pencils, an item that is increasingly used in office environments to write more comfortably.

Did you like sharpening your pencils, too? Actually, it's funny how the kids of my generation could have fun with the simplest things. Nowadays, however, if you take a child's mobile phone, tablet or console off, they get bored.

Branded mechanical pencils are a useful and practical corporate gift. A writing or drawing instrument in which the mine is mechanically driven through a hole in the tip. This saves you from having to make the "tremendous effort" of sharpening the pencil.

Practical, useful and elegant giveaway products

The mechanical pencils currently sold by promotional gift companies are not only practical. If you have opted for this item as a promotional merchandise for your company, you can choose several designs so that your detail acquires a sign of elegance and distinction.

There are mechanical pencils for advertising made of rubber, metallic or wooden mechanical pencils, Rotring type mechanical pencils with case, etc.

You can choose the type of mechanical pencil you want depending on the corporate gift you want to make. Sometimes what is sought is that it is practical and useful, an article to use in the day to day. But in others the best thing is to have a detail of elegance to give a classic touch to the desk of your clients.

Whatever the function you are going to give, it will undoubtedly be a business gift that will please and will have a great acceptance.

A personalized mechanical pencil for all types of events

Since it is a traditional item, the truth is that a mechanical pencil can fit into any type of event. Perhaps they have a greater acceptance in office environments and in related fairs or congresses. On the other hand, it can be an ideal promotional item in any situation.

Precisely, once I had the chance to attend a wedding in which the groom was a draughtsman. And, as a detail of the celebration for the guests, he gave us a small case that included, among other elements, a personalizable mechanical pencil. A gift that, due to my lack of drawing skills, has yet to be presented in the showcase of the salon. But, hey, it has its decorative effect.

In addition, mechanical pencils are a cheap corporate gift for the incidence they can have regarding the visibility of your brand. If you offer it to the right customer, it is likely that your image will be seen every day and so it is always present.

A promotional mechanical pencil is therefore an excellent idea to promote your brand. A gesture that in certain areas can be very practical and useful, but at the same time becomes a gift of elegance and distinction. In this way, your brand will always be associated with a sign of good taste.

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