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Yo-yo Kira

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Bring out your playful side with the Yo-yo Kira! Whether you're feeling bored, tired, dull or, you can't seem to think, try playing with one of these yoyos and feel the creativity and happiness spark within you! Yoyos are a traditional toy that spans back centuries. The general idea is to put your finger through the loop, roll out the yoyo towards the ground, and try to get it to swing back up again repeatedly. The game is so addicting and entertaining that even your kids will love it - show them just how people had fun back many years ago!

The Yoyos Kira can be perfect for promotional giveaways if ask us to print your logo on them. We use a full-colour printing method to print your design clearly onto the yoyo. This is a great opportunity for you to promote your business, brand, or to even personalise the yoyos to use them as a gift.

These yoyos are available in 3 colours of red, yellow and blue. Give them away at weddings, children's birthday parties, large social gathering events, or any other place you'd like. The scope of the yoyos allows them to be used by anyone! Why not try having a yoyo competition or challenge with a friend to see who can get it going the longest? This would make a unique and fun party game idea for both kids and adults. Start branding or personalising these cheap promotional products today and see where they'll take your business or happiness!

What colours do the Yoyo Kiras come in?

You can purchase these yoyos in red, yellow or blue. You can also purchase more than one colour in a single order.

What do they weigh? Are they heavy?

No, these yoyos are not heavy, they weigh only 34 grams! This makes them very portable.

What are the dimensions of these yoyos?

They have a diameter of 5.5cm and a thickness (width) of 2.8cm.

What can I print?

Anything! We use full-colour printing for the Yoyo Kiras, so you can get creative with various colours throughout your designs.
Product Dimensions 2.8 cm | Ø 5.5cm
Item Weight 34

The price could be subject to modifications without previous notice. They exclude VAT, branding and delivery costs. Delivery varies between products and quantities. Disclosure of a product does not imply its availability.

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