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Vanity mirror Sool

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If you're a messy eater or someone who touches up their makeup often, we couldn't recommend the promo Vanity Mirror Sool more. These convenient tools let you view your reflection absolutely anywhere - while standing in line to enter a club, at the dinner table, or even while you're sitting at your desk at work. You can quickly flip it open, check your appearance for any blemishes or food stuck in your teeth, and snap it shut when you're finished. It clicks closed securely until needed again, and with its compact size, you can store it in your pocket or purse effortlessly.

If you are starting a beauty business and need a brilliant way to promote your brand, what better way to do it than with vanity mirrors? You can brand the Vanity Mirror Sools with your company's text or logo, or personalise it for a friend or relative as a unique gift. Give them away for free at beauty fairs and events - no one will be able to say no to a free vanity mirror! Or, why not sell them at a cheap price for an up-sell strategy at the checkout? The simple yet functional design works well for anyone to use - for both men and women!

The double-mirror interior lets you view your reflection from different angles, so you can look at even the most difficult to see spots or flip it wide open for one extended mirror. This essential life tool will make certain your look is always perfect.

What does the inside look like?

There are two mirrors for your convenience on the interior of our personalisable Vanity Mirror Sools.

How can I go about printing?

You can print your design, logo, or text in full-colour to brand or personalise the vanity mirrors.

What colours are there?

You can purchase the Vanity Mirror Sools in grey or black colour. These neutral tones are perfectly matched for most styles.

Can it fit in my bag?

These vanity mirrors have the dimensions of 68 x 64 x 11mm and are perfectly capable of being stashed in your bag!
Product Dimensions 68 x 64 x 11 mm
Item Weight POA

The price could be subject to modifications without previous notice. They exclude VAT, branding and delivery costs. Delivery varies between products and quantities. Disclosure of a product does not imply its availability.

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