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The word merchandising has an Anglo-Saxon origin and a relatively recent creation, It derives from the word “merchandise” which means goods. And there is still not a unique and standardized definition of the term.

We could keep talking about the definition and origin of words. But you have not ended up here to read didactic content, for that there is university with all its subjects, courses and masters. So in reality, with what we have have told you up until now, you must have an approximate idea of what promotional merchandise, corporate gifts and our promotional products are good for. It’s best we get down to business. You ask and we will give.

Merchandising is a commercial technique, the set of corporate gifts to promote your label. The promotional items or the advertising ploy are other activities used as merchandising. You have turned to corporate gifts for your company and to RegaloEmpresas specifically so that we will help you attract new clients and to keep the fire burning on those who you have already attracted in the past. We are the most qualified specialists in promocional merchandise for companies, merchandising for events, cheap merchandise and original merchandising.

Among our top-selling corporate gifts we have available:

  • Promotional mugs
  • Branded USB
  • Promotional sunglasses
  • Merchandising tote bags
  • Branded power banks
  • Multifunction promotional pens
  • Personalized vanity bags

Most frequently asked questions

How do I request the promotional merchandise service?


This is quite simple. You can contact us through phone, email, the website and even Whatsapp. We will be delighted to advise you and send you a budget. If you need paper catalogs, product samples or to meet up with a member of our team, we are at your disposal. We have more than 8.000 advertising products at the best prices.

At RegaloEmpresas we have designed our web by putting ourselves in your shoes. We want you to browse it easily and quickly. We want the going between all categories, subcategories and promotional gifts to not be an ordeal. We inform you in advance, you can choose the category, subcategory, branded product, order by price or even make a previous selection by colour. We are aware that the corporate colour is essential for your company. An unmistakable hallmark.

What promotional merchandise services can I request?

In this particular case, the service we provide is a technique equivalent to merchandising. It is the one about promotional products or advertising ploys, which are very effective tools. They vary in size and value, according to the objectives of the communication campaign. They vary so much… See everything we offer on the web! It looks like Santa’s Workshop.

The examples which can be mentioned are infinite; pencils, branded pens, printed keychains, hats, promotional T-shirts, tools, bags, personalized umbrellas, backpacks with logo, branded flash drives, office supplies, travel goods, household articles, items for kids… Usually all of them low-cost products and always customizable, although there are very expensive promotional perchandise for the purpose of treating your most important clients.

You have to bear in mind the following points:

  • Introduce with great fanfare your company, your image, your product.
    The product will lack medium and long term effectiveness if it doesn’t display the logo, the name of the company or your contact information.
  • Gift something meaningful and effective, giving those promotional products which fit your sector and your client’s profile, so that both the business and the clients find use in what’s given and received.
  • Prize!
    How we all like the words contest, prize and free! It is a good way to attract bees to honey. Organize contests through the web or social networks which you have active. You will get inflow and will gather data like email addresses which will help to carry out different marketing actions later.
  • It motivates them to buy more. And to spend. And you will make a fortune.
  • Another kind of pat on your staff’s back..
    Have you thought about using corporate gifts to reward your workers? You know very well the people working for you, you know how to keep them motivated and how to make them feel important to reach the common good. Do not underestimate the power of an unexpected personalized product.
  • Reward your most loyal clients
    Manners make the person. Loyalty has become a rare commodity. We are not even loyal to ourselves and the competition is fierce. Try to satisfy and spoil those clients who are the most loyal and recurring, or the ones who generate more revenue or the ones who have trusted you more in delicate situations.
  • Create a competitive advantage
    We are many and we continuously compete. What was in a minute ago is now out of date. It all goes so fast that we must go to great lengths to not be forgotten. Make them remember your label.
  • Promote products or services

What kind of printing or marking can I choose?

Among the thousands of goods we offer, all of them customizable as you already know at this point in the reading, the variety of marking types is also great. Some of our corporate gifts will support pad printing, others can be branded with the silkscreen technique, there will be some which can be personalized with doming, laser, digital transfer, etc. The best way is for you to share with us the idea you have in mind and your logo, so that we can assess if the product you are interested in, its area and printing technique, your budget and your logo are compatible. We are the experts, let us put you on the right track.

How can I make an order?

Once you have found the item you want, complete the form on the same page as the product stating how many units you want, with how many colours you want to personalize it and your contact information. If you indicate the postal code where you want us to send your order, it will help us correctly calculate the shipping costs and adjust the delivery time. You can also include your logo so that we can send you a free mockup. Once we receive your ŕequest we will send you your budget in a jiffy with everything necessary so that you can formalize your order.

We can personalize all our products. You only need to tell us which products you want and we will advise you on which printing technique is the best for your logo. If you are looking for cheap promotional merchandise which comply with your budget or idea, check with us so that we can offer you the best options.

How long can it take for my order to be delivered?

If we are talking about standard deadlines, generally, if you want personalized gifts with your logo you can count on it taking between 15 and 20 days to receive your order with the printing. For orders without printing the delivery date is between 24h and 4 days. But this are the overall timeline terms, however as they are not strict we will try to accommodate your needs.

Do you have fast printing services?

We know that occasionally time may be running out for you to have your promotional products in place, and we are always going to exhaust all the possibilities so that you receive them in the timeframe you need. Impossible as it may seem, check with us. You may be surprised.

What guarantees do I have?

Over a decade of experience in the sector. We are professionals and formal. We love what we do. We like being quick, decisive and reliable. If we accept a job and a particular deadline, it is because we are sure not to fail you, but if there are any problems, we accept our own responsibility without hesitation. We have nothing further to add.