Personalized paperweights

Step on it with your promotional gift campaign with personalised paperweights

Maybe the paperweight is one of the most forgotten office supplies. However, its function is indispensable, especially among those of us who usually live under the eternal clutter of papers at the desk. Try having one and you'll tell me how easy it is for you to find everything from now on

Paperweights as promotional products

Reading about the curiosities of certain objects, I just read that the paperweight arose during the Industrial Revolution in the second half of the 18th century. It is evident that the personalized paperweights of today will have nothing to do with them. But, as its name suggests, the function was the same.

Personalised paperweights of a practical and decorative nature

In addition to its practical function, the paperweight has also acquired a decorative character. It will step on your papers, yes, but it will step on them with elegance. And if you place it in the showcase in the living room, I don't think anyone will ask you why you have a paperweight there.

As you can see, there are promotional paperweights for all styles. There are those made of glass, magnetic paperweights, methacrylate, different shapes, colors, sizes and designs, and so on.

An object that will always be visible and will capture at least for a moment the attention of those who stand in front of your desk. This translates, therefore, into one of the best marketing and advertising advantages for your company.

Paperweights branded with your logo to be used in multiple situations

Promotional merchandise companies know that they have to reach their customers with practical, eye-catching and original products. But, in turn, they must become a good advertising medium for printing the company logo.

A personalisable paperweight is an item that meets all of the above requirements. In addition, they can be used in multiple situations, as they do not only appear in office environments. They can be found at any shop counter, hotel reception, office, etc.

In fact, it is a giveaway product that covers a wide range of possibilities, which is a sure bet if you give it away. A classic cheap item that, curiously, fulfils a single function, but can be perfectly valid for different fields.

Paperweights have always worked very well in terms of advertising and promotions, as they are practical and original. I am reminded now of a family business that gave its employees and customers commemorative plaques and paperweights on each important anniversary. Hence, precisely, its decorative function, since many of these paperweights can be placed in the living room furniture and are luxurious.

The paperweight, moreover, usually has a large surface to personalize with the logo of the company you want to promote. You will be able to place the information you want in it so that it is easily visible.

In this sense, it is necessary to take advantage of the versatility offered by an article of this type. Personalized paperweights are practical, economical, decorative and are a guarantee of success as a corporate gift.