Promotional desk tidy trays

Take advantage of the practicality of a desk tidy for your promotions

Empty your pockets into a desk tidy tray with your logo printed on it, because a personalised desk tidy tray has a very practical function and has now become one of the most original corporate gifts

Your logo on the bottom of a personalizable desk tidy

You arrive home after work and you start handing out what's in your pockets everywhere. Here are the keys, some coins on the kitchen counter, the supermarket ticket on the living room table, the package of handkerchiefs... And then what, do you get the GPS to get everything back?

A promotional desk tidy tray is the ideal object to save you from this mess. Nothing is as simple as a small item, with the appearance of an ashtray, in which to leave the keys, loose coins, wallet and everything you can carry with you. What an invention, huh?

A really useful promotional product

Despite its simplicity, it is proving to be one of the most practical and demanded promotional items of the moment. Because it can not only act as a desk tidy tray in itself, but it can also be seen on any desk to leave the keys of a closet, a note to remember, stationery accessories, and so on.

At home you can have it right at the entrance, and then take everything you carry with you as soon as you pass through the door, in the living room, in the office or even in the bedroom.

In addition, I was recently told about another great advantage of the desk tidy trays that I hadn't noticed. By leaving all the objects in the "gutter" you will make the surfaces of the furniture less damaged. Of course, it's an advantage in the long run, but if you think about it...

What is clear is that if you give away a promotional desk tidy tray, your recipient will use it. It doesn't matter where you put it. If he takes the routine, he won't have to look for his keys, wallet or cell phone just before he leaves home.

A desk tidy with your advertising, the first image you see when you get home or work

Think also that once we have placed our desk tidy trays next to the entrance of the house or on the work table, it will be the first thing we see. For this reason, this giveaway product works as an excellent advertising medium. Whoever you give it to, will see the logo of your business every day.

Merchandising companies strive to find those items that are ideal for an advertising campaign. In addition to their practical character, it is necessary to add the fact that they are original and eye-catching business gifts, but without abusing their advertising aspect excessively.

In this sense, personalized desk tidy trays fit perfectly. A cheap promotional product that you will undoubtedly use and that does not neglect its advertising sense. Try it out and you will see how order comes to the lives of your customers. Personally, I don't think there's anything I'd appreciate more.