Personalized paper clip holders

Place your promotional clip holders on your customers' desks

Paperclip holders are items that are used quite frequently both in the office and in any home. A very practical and original promotional product that is perfect for printing your company logo. The best way to keep all your paper clips safe

Choose a paperclip dispenser as a giveaway item

Did you know that the origin of the paperclips goes back to the second half of the 19th century? Documents and papers at that time were joined with straight pins. But, of course, not only did the small hole remain in the leaves, but you also ran the risk of being poked with the pin. That's how the first paper clips arrived.

Because in spite of its century of existence, nobody so far has been able to prevent the paper clips from being scattered everywhere. Once you have dropped them on the floor or they have spilled all over the work table, some may then appear at the end of the days in the most unsuspected places.

That's why you need a promotional paperclip dispenser. An object that you will consider essential, especially after you have dropped all the paper clips for the first time.

Personalizable paperclip holders with very original designs

In addition to their practicality, the promotional paper clip holders almost have a decorative function. The original designs we can find will attract your attention.

There are paperclip holders to personalize with heart shape, paperclip holders, cleaners, etc. Those that you remember as the typical boxes to keep the paper clips are already behind. Now you have these that look very original and fun on the desk table.

They attract so much attention that they are ideal as a promotional gift. Without going any further, they can easily be marked with the logo you want to promote. They are usually given away at events, fairs and congresses related to office work. But if you are a little original, perhaps you can even play in other situations, as they adapt very well to any event.

Precisely, we can see printed paperclip holders on the desk of any place: a school, a restaurant, a hotel reception, a car workshop, etc.. A very useful and essential article to hold the papers and notes you work with.

Paperclip holder as an economic promotional merchandise

A paperclip holder is a promotional item for the office that will suit your customers and employees very well. With a small investment, you will be able to obtain a high level of visibility of your image.

Because the key to a corporate gift is that it is practical, useful and effective. It cannot be said that on this occasion we are distinguished by the elegance, but by the nice and service touch of the personalizable paperclip holders. A giveaway with which you will succeed.