Promotional salt and pepper shakers

Take advantage of the kitchen boom by turning a salt and pepper shaker into a promotional

Life always needs a little salt and pepper. And, for that, nothing better than these personalized salt and pepper shakers, an original and elegant corporate gift with which to give the perfect touch of flavour to your dishes.

Pepper your marketing campaigns with a personalisable salt and pepper shaker

Kitchen accessories are very fashionable in promotional products catalogues. They are very practical items that we can see in many events. It looks like everyone is getting ready for the next MasterChef casting, doesn't it?

Personalizable salt and pepper shakers are precisely very original but, at the same time, very practical and functional kitchen items. A gift that not only ensures that your company logo does not lose visibility, but also conveys a pleasant sensation to your customers.

Printed salt and pepper shakers with multiple designs

The name of these articles already says it all. You don't have to be very knowledgeable about cooking to know that a salt or pepper shaker has only one function. However, unlike other promotional items can take multiple forms thanks to the wide variety of current designs.

I still remember the salt and pepper shakers my grandmother used to have at home. One of those traditional ones of which it is said that of as the old thing there is nothing. Now, on the other hand, the salt and pepper shakers for advertising have changed a lot. We can even find them electric!

This variety of designs causes us to have an elegant and tasteful business gift. You put one of these salt and pepper shakers on the kitchen counter and they're even good for decoration.

A promotional merchandise to give visibility to your brand

The salt and pepper shakers can be easily personalized with the logo of the company to be promoted. The normal thing is to see one of these products in a gastronomic event, in a fair of this sector or even like personalised gift of some company related to the world of the kitchen or the hotel trade.

As it is an article for daily use, you ensure that your company's image has great visibility. But in addition, and as I mentioned at the beginning, it is also a promotional gift to which you can even give a certain decorative air. It's not like putting it in the showcase of your living room, but its modern design adapts very well to any kitchen.

As it is a personalised item, there is the option of having it in a bar, cafeteria or restaurant so that the image of your business is always visible to the customers who come by. A function that goes beyond that of a simple giveaway product and that fits very well with this type of product.

The truth is that salt and pepper shakers for advertising are articles that fulfill a very interesting function within the kitchen. In addition to their practicality, they also have a touch of elegance and originality. You'll see how you're going to add salt and pepper to your culinary creations next time.