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María – Key Account Manager
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Foldable Sunglasses Ruwa

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A unique and fashionable design, the Foldable Sunglasses Ruwa met everyone's needs. These sunglasses don't fold once or twice, but THREE times to make them the most convenient type of sunglasses around! With this extraordinary mechanism, as well as their lightweight of just 29 grams, you confidently take them with you anywhere with the full freedom to fold them up on the go and slip them in your pocket or bag with ease.

With their excellent versatility comes a fantastic sun protection rating of UV400 so you can enjoy yourself in the summer comfortably while shielding your eyes from the sun's harsh glare. To make the most of these sunglasses, why not personalise them with your name or brand? Our fantastic personalization services allow you to print on the temples of the glasses, providing you with a special way to gift someone you know or as a convenient method to get your brand's name out there quick.

Promote your business at music festivals, hotels, weddings, parties, or sports events with a promotional giveaway using the Foldable Sunglasses Ruwas - display your brand name proudly on them and within no time you will have established a powerful connection with new customers!

Can I get the Sunglasses Ruwas in multiple colours?

Yes, we offer these sunglasses in various colours, and you can order mix-and-match style in one purchase.

What do you mean by "foldable"?

The Sunglasses Ruwas can fold three times to make them much smaller and easier to transport or store.

Are they light in weight?

Yes, of course. They have a weight of only 29 grams so you can comfortably wear them or put them away without them weighing you down.

I need them for sun protection rather than fashion. How sun strong are they?

The Foldable Sunglasses Ruwas have UV400 protection so you can safely wear them out in the sun to protect your eyes from glare.

I want to print in multiple colours. Can I do this?

Yes, we offer full-colour printing for the sunglasses Ruwas. We can print on them anything you can imagine!

Where will my design be printed?

You may choose to print it on one temple side or both temples of the glasses - either text text designs or any other complex designs.
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