Corporate gifts

Corporate gifts are a proven method to promote your business. Giving a promotional branded notebook, pen or USB flash drive during an event such as a conference is a sure way to keep your company in each delegate's briefcase or pocket.

In RegaloEmpresas we have an endless number of promotional products that can be personalized with your logo for a marketing campaign.

From full-colour digital printing, to pad printing, sublimation, screen printing, laser engraving or embossing, we can mark all items with your image. Techniques of marking and advertising products that offer you infinite combinations to enhance your brand.

Why request for our promotional items services?

Our sales and personalization services of corporate gifts is the best option, since we have a fantastic selection of promotional products for different industries, from the hospitality industry or large-scale banking to neighbourhood schools and charities, going through the pharmaceutical industry, the world of sports, advertising agencies, corporate events - seminars, conferences and congresses - and for different events - anniversaries, birthdays and weddings, back to school.

Our team will be happy to advise you during the process of selecting the ideal gift you are looking for: the most suitable printing technique and the chosen product. We are available through our website, the email, the telephone - you can call us and even send Whatsapp messages - or if you think it is convenient, we can visit you at your offices. We will send you brochures and/or samples of promotional gifts that interest you most so you can check their quality and colours upon your corporate standards.

The impact of commercial actions that include corporate gifts is a proven success. Most people who received a promotional merchandise usually used it for 2 years. The statistics show data of interest such as the ones we wanted to share here (source BPMA):

  • 66% of people who have received an corporate gift remember the brand of the promotional product they received in the last 12 months.
  • The return on investment of such products is better than radio advertising and is equivalent to television or written media.
  • 87% of people who received the branded gift, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, kept the promotional product for more than a year.
  • 56% said that their perception of the company image improved after receiving a promotional gift.

What corporate gifts can I give to my clients?

This question is the most common one. We take care of and counsel you on everything so that you get the best results at the time of making your branded gift. We have a wide variety of advertising items and a customer service team with years of experience, which will also show all their enthusiasm with your project.

Promotional products and branded merchandise

Among an outstanding amount of promotional giveaways and their diverse categories - original, luxury - and types of products, which are unlimited:

  • Original corporate gifts
    If you want to carry out your advertising campaign with total success, we advise you to take into account three key points: first, it must be a useful gift so that your clients can feel totally pleased; second, it must be a product with an added value beyond its mere cost; in third and last place, that it is an original promotional gift.
  • Luxury corporate gifts
    If you have already thought offering your customers a luxury promotional gift, then you are in the right place, because we have available a wide range of items of superior quality which can be branded. Some of the well-known brands that you will find on our website or our catalogues are Balenciaga, Antonio Miró, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Balmain, Parker, Pierre Cardin, Pertegaz, Dunlop, Ferrán Adriá, ... This kind of gifts are a high level option that will surely please your customers as it will speak very well of you. It will be the differentiating factor between your brand and that of your competitors.
  • Office supplies
    The most common gifts: personalised pens, a mouse, an agenda, a branded notebook, a marker, a calendar and many more. Whit no doubts, they represent a great alternative to attract your customers due to the usefulness of the promotional item itself. Add your brand to any of these gifts and make your brand is remembered every time they are used.
  • Sound gadgets
    A variant of corporate gifts, ideal to captivate your customers, because a sound device can represent a great idea as a giveaway. Headphones or Bluetooth wireless speakers, which can be easily carried and can be used anywhere such as the office, car, shower and when practicing sports.
  • Weather
    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Try to be prepared for any situation if you are going to spend the weekend in the mountains, a morning at the beach or going on a long trip by car. We have table clocks, smart watches, weather stations, raincoats and, of course, branded umbrellas. Promorional umbrellas of all sizes and all colours. Foldable umbrellas, golf umbrellas, original umbrellas that have 1 built-in LED or even an umbrella with a whistle. And if we have to pick one of them, we must confess we are delighted with the anti-element umbrella, which makes the wind always blows at your advantage.
  • Tools
    Not only thinking about our customers or buyers, but also thinking of the internal corporate image within your company: your staff. Telescopic torch, multifunctional torch, gardening set, flex meters, safety glasses, first aid kit, accessories for the car, accessories for the bicycle, which are merchandising products to gain the loyalty and affinity of your external and internal customers.
  • Leisure
    Blessed word. What would life be without the moments of leisure and personal relaxation? In your relaxed moments, promotional gifts can also be present and offer us their practicality. Promotional merchandise for leisure occasions represent a very accessible and creative claim. Among those innumerable items we would highlight: folding chair, picnic basket, promotional sunglasses, beach bag, isothermal bag, chronometer, branded inflatable balls and beach items, refrigerator backpack, lunch box, drinks dispenser, promotional sport bottles, blankets, reflective material.

Promotional items

Although it is true that we can suggest you thousands of promotional items, it would be insufficient to deal only with the articles mentioned above. Here below you will find an additional list of branded merchandise that we have at your disposal.

  • Branded T-shirts
    A really practical promotional gift that lasts years. Promotional T-shirts are a great possibility for personalization due to their sizes, colours and marking areas. You can choose the grammage and quality, add your logo and build the image of your company.
  • Branded neach ball
    Do you want to promote an event with the best beach style? So that your clients can enjoy a branded item at the beach and make them think of you for a long time with a smile on their faces? Is summertime coming and you want to contribute they have the chance of real fun vacation? Is it time to organize your company's summer party for which you have chosen a venue with a swimming-pool? Then we have personilised beach balls for you.
    Further than the classical beach balls, we have basketballs, soccer balls and balls to play other games and practice other sports, so we can link your brand to any sort of event or marketing campaign you are preparing. Have you thought about donating to a school or foundation that collaborates with children’s cause? They will be very happy to receive a ball as a promotional product.
  • Promotional notepad
    Classical corporate gifts for you and for them. For workers, for your customers, for any lover of stationery. An agenda or notebook is undoubtedly an excellent gift option. Another one of those truly useful articles. Within these promotional items, we can provide you with a deep assortment of colours, sizes, number of sheets, type of sheets and type of covers. We are crazy about notebooks and diaries and write down all the ideas that come to our minds. Are you a notebook lover too?
  • Branded flash drives
    If you are looking to make technological and more valuable gifts, budget printed flash drives are a recurring idea. This promotional gift is very serviceable. Technology becomes fashion. Technology is present in our lives each day more and more. These corporate gifts are booming and you can select from a simple model with minimal capacity to one more developed and with greater capacity. If you want to surprise with technology, explore options that go beyond a custom promotional flash drive. Novelties such as virtual reality glasses, solar charger, tactile gloves, and USB hub are already part of our routine.
  • Personalised mugs
    As much as the writing material, mugs make us crazy. Because a mug will always be there in fantastic moments of our life: when you wake up in a new day and have breakfast; when you read, when you write, when you work and pause, to clear your mind and warm the water of your next tea, when you drink coffee with friends and even when you are late to work but you cannot sacrifice your cup of coffee. Make a confession: you collect promotional mugs. They will always be an excellent promotional product.
  • Fidget spinner
    Out of the blue and all in a sudden a product becomes The Product and you do not know very well how, but it rocks. Such is the case of the Fidget Spinners. This item, used as a promotional gift, automatically converts your company into a dynamic, modern entity that is always up to date. In vogue.
  • Promotional backpacks
    This is another of the most successful choices within merchandising. They are a cheap corporate gift, they are really useful, which increases the life time of your campaign, and they have very wide printing areas to attract many more looks towards your brand. As a promotional gift this is ideal and RegaloEmpresas has got at your disposal branded backpacks and rucksacks in polyester, nylon or cotton, multiple colours and capacities.
  • Promotional Sport bottles and thermos
    For sports clubs, cycling clubs, fitness addicts, or any sportsperson, a branded sport bottle is one of the most important gifts to consider. Sport is leisure, and a personalized sport bottle with your logo that your client will use to quench their thirst when cycling will fox your brand in their memory. On the other hand, thermos are another excellent option. That familiar and comforting coffee aroma coming from branded thermo will undoubtedly play in your favour.

Promotional merchandise

How to choose the ideal corporate gift for your company?

With such a variety of opportunities, it is normal that you feel overwhelmed. Which is the most appropriate corporate gift for your campaign that fits your budget. Keep calm. A promotional merchandise with your logo for your customers will be a success and we will be by your side advising you on the best choice.

When considering ideas, there is a series of factors that we would like to discuss so we can qualify your needs and provide you with the most accurate proposal. What to take into account:

  • Know your customer
    As you may imagine, the most important factor when selecting an corporate gift is to know the profile of the people to whom your detail is addressed. With this profile we will be closer to finding the right promotional gift. That's where the success of your campaign happens, do not forget it. For example, if your customer base is a young person, then we could opt for a more modern and technological gift, such as a branded flash drive, a Bluetooth speaker or a promotional power bank as an emergency battery for your mobile. For clients with higher age ranges, we can opt for a type of gift that is much more traditional and above all useful. Some questions that will help us do are:
    • Is my action aimed at women, men or both?
    • What are the average ages of my clients?
    • What kind of tastes do they have?
    • Where do they live?
    • What’s their purchasing level?
    The fact of spending time to perform an analysis of your customers is paramount so that the choice of your corporate gift is a granted success.
  • Give a useful product
    Get to find a useful promotional gift for your customers will make you present for much longer in their lives. The visibility time of your brand will be much higher. It's like showing your client an ad of your company without him perceiving it as such a thing. Moreover, not only will not perceive your logo as a kind of intrusive advertising, but also that the promotional item is useful for him. The client will not easily forget you. If you are looking to celebrate an event in the wonderful summer season, then you can offer other types of gifts such as fans, which are original and always a good idea. Or a printed cotton tote bag with of certain quality will be of great value to your customer when making their daily purchases. And, how many purchases do we make throughout the week? How much do you think a good promotional shopping bag can last? Do not you think it's a great support for your brand?
  • Originality and coherence
    Being authentic and original is something that will undoubtedly make you stand out from other companies, as it will undoubtedly make you stay in the memory of your clients. You can easily observe the variety of products that we have at your disposal through which you can break the traditional model of corporate gifts, you dare to innovate. However, it is important to keep in mind that consistency is fundamental and that the detail for your client has to adapt to their tastes and be placed in context.
  • The way we select the type of corporate gifts determines how your company will be viewed. For this reason, do not hesitate, it is a great idea to trust your brand to us, because we are able to give you timely answers. In this sense, when you request our services related to merchandising, corporate gifts and promotional items, you have the guarantee that we will work in the best way, because the recognition of your brand and the loyalty of your customers is a priority for you and for us.