Printed pashmina shawls

Give a personalized pashmina shawl to promote your company

How beautiful they are! Light, soft and warm. Pashmina shawls is always enough and those who receive it are grateful. A personalized silk scarf can be the alternative to the manidos fans in weddings and other events, but of course it is... The colors and the temperature also commands

Dazzle your female audience with a beautiful, personalized pashmina scarf

Since I'm not a fashion connoisseur, I admit that I don't see many differences between a shawl and a pashmina scarf. However, I have put myself to work to investigate a little, and yes there are! Differences that you will have to take into account when giving away any of these two articles. Don't give a scarf when you wanted to give a pashmina and vice versa, right?

The silk scarf is a silk or light fabric with a square, elongated or rectangular shape, sometimes accompanied by printed drawings, which is tied around the neck or over the head.

Pashmina scarf, on the other hand, is a cashmere wool fabric used to refer to textiles made with it or mixed with silk or other artificial fibres.

A very special and elegant promotional product

Once the differences have been seen, it goes without saying that there is a similarity between scarves and pashminas that is more than evident: they look great on all of us, especially if we receive them as gifts. A personalized scarf and pashmina scarf are an excellent idea to have a promotional detail with customers.

In this sense, there are giveaway products for all tastes: bandanas, scarves, handkerchiefs, pashminas, etc.. Cheap personalized gifts that will provide a very pleasant feeling to be a very striking and practical gift.

I personally like slings very much. I wear them in the style of the Little Prince, knotted in the neck but letting it fall backwards or to one side. They give you a hippie and bohemian touch, but with the great variety of designs that we can find nowadays you will be able to fit in all styles.

The most common materials used in this type of detail are cotton, polyester, viscose or a mixture of several of them. There is a wide range of styles and colors that can be customized with the image, logo or information you want.

Promotional scarves and pashminas with a great visual impact

The originality and good taste of this fashionable promotional product are two differentiating aspects. A sling and a pashmina to personalize are very practical, useful, elegant and original items.

In advertising terms, it is a perfect gift for corporate gift. There are events in the world of fashion in which they are usually given away, but also in advertising parades, shops, small sewing workshops, and so on.

At the same time they are a very useful and practical detail to give to the guests to a wedding, a baptism or any special celebration.

In addition, they are considered promotional items that constitute a perfect balance between quality and price. A detail that will attract attention and that will distinguish you from the rest for its originality and good taste.

In short, a personalizable pashmina scarf is a quality gift. There are items that always fit well as promotional gifts, and possibly we are in front of two of them. A guarantee of success both professionally and in more intimate environments.